Camp Carnival: June 4-8, 2020

Event Information

It’s time Campers! Are you getting excited yet? To ensure that everyone has a wonderful weekend we have put together a lil list of suggested items to bring along. As well as directions for how to get to out wonderful location, Brownell Children’s Retreat, and some good general reminders for you all. 

The Basics
Date: Friday, 31st May – Monday 3rd June, 2019
Check-In starts at 12pm! Opening circle is at 4:20pm! Dinner at 6:00pm! Don’t forget your Pot Luck item!
Check-Out is 12 Noon on Monday!

Camp Carnival is located at Brownell Children’s Retreat!

Directions from Sundre: The retreat is located 14km north of Sundre; on Highway 22 and then 0.5km west on Township Road 343 (third driveway on the left). Take the 3rd driveway with the white sign with the retreat name and a blue address sign “54037”

Directions from Hwy 2 (QEII): Whether traveling north or south on Hwy 2, turn west at exit 587 “Bowden”. Head west on Hwy 587 for 43km then turn south (left) onto Hwy 22. Head down the hill and turn west (first right) onto TWP 343. Take the 3rd driveway. Look for the white sign with the retreat name and a blue address sign “54037”.

***You will likely lose cell phone reception as you get closer to the venue, so be sure to have your map/instructions loaded and ready before getting too close**

Google map link:

Remember! Parking and rooms are first come first serve! So get here early to grab your spots! If you and your friends want to all bunk together we will have a sign up sheet for you to claim rooms on! If you want to tent on the grounds there is a $20 fee that can be paid, in cash, at the door.

Early Entry!
This year we are opening up the venue a day early for Campers! For a fee of 30$ you can come in a day early, get set up, relax, and socialise with the vendors, counsellors and volunteers and eat pizza! Early Entry opens at 6pm on 30th May. Get your tickets here!

Day Passes
We will be offering Day passes this year! Passes are $100 and vaild between 9am and 1am either Saturday or Sunday. No Meals are included in the ticket so don't forget to pack a lunch! Anyone looking to fire spin must meet with fire saftey personal prior to setting things on fire. Find Day Passes on our website:

● Valuables (Anything expensive or sentimental – if you can’t live without it, don’t bring it)
● Generators (You will not need these)
● Camp Stoves (You will not need these either)
● Glass (We want to avoid any broken shards around camp!)
● Lasers 
● Illegal Substances
● Pets 
● Weapons 
● Offensive Costumes (Feathered headdresses, shirt with slurs, etc.)
● Synthetic Feathers and Boas (These are really hard to clean up!)
● Loose glitter (glitter is litter! Let's keep the venue clean so we are welcomed back next year)

● 1 pieces Gov’t issued Photo ID
● Your Ticket! (If you got a physical copy!)
● Potluck Item for Friday night! (Please note if there are any nuts in your item as some attendees are allergic)
● Cash! (We have lots of vendors!)
● Indoor shoes (required for volunteers on kitchen duty)
● Sleeping Bags / Bedding (there are bunk beds in
● the dorm rooms)
● Pillows
● Extra Blanket(s)
● Camp Chairs
● Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
● Deodorant
● Body lotion
● Towel
● Shampoo and Conditioner 
● Face/body wash 
● Soap 
● Hand sanitizer
● Sunscreen
● Insect repellent
● Baby wipes
● Lip balm
● Ear plugs (it can be noisy in the dorms)
● Smokers: Small container for cigarette butts (keep those butts off the ground, MOOP! MOOP!)
● Vision impaired: Extra contacts, solution and contact case (and/or glasses)
● Any medications you may require
● Gals: Tampons/pads (even if you don’t need ’em, one of your girls might)
● Sunglasses
● Socks 
● 1-2 pairs of footwear, at least 1 waterproof 
(more than just sandals)
● Raincoat (hopefully you won't need it, let's all manifest great sunny weather!)
● Warm coat
● Warm clothes
● Non-flammable clothing (cotton, hemp, bamboo, leather, silk)
● Undergarments (if your into that sort of thing)
● Bathing suit (Can you say water fight?)
● Reusable water bottle
● Props and Circus Gear (hoops, poi, flags, etc. the more the merrier!)
● Fuel (one can of Naptha/White Gas/Camp fuel)
● Anything else you require to ensure you have the best time ever at Camp Carnival!

● Flashlight/Headlamp (w/ new batteries)
● Extra batteries
● Snacks for between meals
● Alarm clock
● Umbrella or parasol
● Body/face paints/bio-glitter or other makeup
● Musical instruments
● LED Glowsticks or El-Wire (ditch the disposables!)
● Notebook or sketchbook
● Spray bottle (for misting yourself on hot days!)
● Costumes!
● Games for inside and out!

**It’s looking like its going to be a warm sunny weekend, but it is still Alberta so keep an eye on the weather when you’re packing! 

Camper Code of Conduct
While we at Camp Carnival do understand that this is a summer festival, and that that entails a certain amount of … playfulness, we would ask that while attending our Campers try to maintain a certain level of respectfulness to their co-campers. There is to be no drinking in any public spaces during the festival. Under no circumstances should any campers partaking in any activities involving fire be under the influence of any substances, and failure to comply may be grounds for expulsion from this event. We would also like to note that this year the lake is off-limits due to insurance reasons. 

Camp Carnival is intended to be an inclusive space for anyone and everyone interested in circus and flow arts and as such we expect our campers help us cultivate that atmosphere. No forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, religious or cultural intolerance, or any other form of discrimination will be tolerated and they may be grounds for expulsion from this event. A.K.A. Don’t Be A Dick!

If you experience any instances of such discrimination or bear witness to it do not hesitate to bring the matter to the attention of our staff. We will see that these matters are dealt with. We at Camp Carnival are here to support our Campers. 

Please turn in your camping fuel when checking in for safe storage and distribution during the festival. We will all be sharing the fuel that is brought in; which is why we ask all campers to bring some. The more fuel we have the more we have to burn together!! Sundre is getting a nice long wet week before we arrive so conditions should be ideal for us to throw some fire around.

Raffles and Prize Draws
Over the course of the weekend we will be selling ticket for our draws. We have donations from all of our wonderful vendors as well from our sponsors flowtoys and Les Marchands de Feu/LMF Props. Draws will be on Sunday night at the Renegade Show. You do not have to be present to win! But make sure your name and phone number is on your ticket so we can call you to arrange delivery. 

Dietary Info
Once again, anyone with dietary restriction please let us know about them so that we can make sure we can feed you! Send us an email at!